ABIC 2017

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ESTABLISHED IN 1996, ABIC, the Agricultural Bioscience International Conference is the premier global meeting that promotes innovation in bioscience for sustainable food, feed, fibre and fuel security as the climate changes.

By connecting people, ABIC gathers the common themes and the different approaches that participants take to address the common challenge.

More than 6000 individuals from 68 countries and territories have attended ABIC conferences, building capacity at a new level, generating answers only possible when people bring their unique skills and expertise to the same table. 

Registration Information

We have the following registration passes:

  1. Full Conference Pass -  Early Bird Rate ($950) - Harvest Dinner included
  2.  Government/academic/non profits ($800) - Harvest Dinner included
  3. Student Conference Pass ($250) - Does NOT include Harvest Dinner

For companions and/or students you can purchase an additional ticket for Harvest Dinner.

Optional Dinner 

On September 26th enjoy Manitoba's warm hospitality at one of our two rural host sites. Or enjoy the free evening and tour our beautful city.

  • Kelburn Farm Dinner ($75 each)
  • Mennonite Village Dinner ($75 each)
  • please return and purchase your companion tickets after completing your purchase for the main conference

Registration Categories

  • Early Bird Rate

    Harvest Dinner included



    $950.00 Buy now
  • Gov't/Academic/NPO

     Harvest Dinner included

    $800.00 Buy now
  • Students - Flat Rate

    Does Not Include Harvest Dinner

    $250.00 Buy now

Dinner Events

  • Harvest Dinner

    Sept.27, 2017
    Separate Ticket for Companions/Students
    Please join us for our keynote address and Harvest Dinner.
    Location: RBC Convention Centre - York Ballroom
    Time: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

    $100.00 Buy now

Optional Dinner

  • Kelburn Dinner

    Sept. 26, 2017 - Kelburn Farm
    Transporation: via bus
    Dinner: 6:15pm - 8:30pm
    Click here
    for more information 

    $75.00 Buy now
  • Mennonite Dinner

    Sept. 26, 2017
    Transportation: via bus
    Dinner: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Click here
     for more information.

    $75.00 Buy now